3 Ways Neurofeedback Can Help Achieve Optimal Peak Performance

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We use our minds intensively each day, and are exposed to significant levels of stress that can inhibit our skills. BrainCore Neurofeedback helps to improve cognitive tasks with brain training in multiple areas; such as, peak performance.

Peak performance training utilizes BrainCore Neurofeedback to assist with stress management in several ways, by enhancing attention distribution and arousal control, enhancing self-confidence, which accurately and productively contributes to overall performance. Peak performance training helps students, athletes and/or professionals gain improved performance in their chosen area of expertise.

How it Works

BrainCore USA uses a test called a qEEG, or Brain Map, to determine which areas of the brain need to be re-balanced for optimal performance. Once brain function has been optimized toward the norm or typical for healthy brain function, it can then be trained for “peak performance.”

BrainCore Neurofeedback sessions for peak performance training are geared toward students, athletes, and/or professionals in perfecting the way the brain integrates auditory, visual, and other incoming sensory information throughout a typical day.

3 ways that BrainCore Neurofeedback can help Achieve Optimal Peak Performance:

• Improved Focus
• Less Stress & Anxiety
• More Resilience

Improved Focus
Cognitive tasks become easier. The capacity for stress goes up while you manage cortical excitement. You stay alert and engaged, without becoming overly excitable. Stress recovery, stress capacity and stress regulation are all impacted.

More Resilience
A professional’s ability to recover is paramount. One of the first thing to improve for our students, athletes, and/or professionals is completing Peak Performance Brain Training to improve sleep, which will help regulate the whole person.

Less Stress & Anxiety

Stress recovery, stress capacity and stress regulation are all impacted.
The ability to produce an optimal brain state for the environment is key for stress management. BrainCore Neurofeedback training program prepares the brain to optimize physiology for a stress-free performance as it relates to academics, athletics, and work life balance.

Not only does BrainCore Neurofeedback produce significant change with consistent training, it can continually reproduce results to achieve long-term improvements.

For more information: Please review Peak Performance on the website by clicking here.

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