SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training

Today, many people suffer from pathway disruptions and from misdirected attempts to treat the symptoms. How we perform in the world depends vitally on how well our brain functions. Neural pathways in the brain can malfunction, just as any organ in the body can, and yet the consequences are often more personal and influential. Using neurofeedback, and the brain’s own remarkable capacity to develop and flourish, SYMMETRY Neuro-PT is a new program that trains the brain to reconfigure and ignite new connections. Click below to check out our options incorporating SYMMETRY Neuro-PT in your life.

Dianne Kosto, CEO and Founder

A "Mom on a Mission" – During an attempt to help her son, Dianne Kosto was introduced to the science of neurofeedback. Since then she has become a certified neurofeedback technician, trainer, provider and specialist on a mission to share this drugless, painless, noninvasive modality that she believes saved her son's life.

We invite you to consider how Neuro-PT can help improve your life and the life of someone you love. Book a free consultation today.

Sage Advisors and the Clinical Advisory Team

Accompanying Dianne on her mission is a clinical advisory team with a collective 60 years of experience.