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What does Autism look like?

The symptoms of ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) usually begin to emerge by age 2 or 3. This may include the inability to perceive sights and sounds adequately, resistance to change in daily routines, poor motor skills, repetitive behaviors or movements, hyper-focus on one thing and loud outbursts.

"My child went from grades of C's and D's to A's and B's within 2 months."

-Bill C.


Heightened awareness of feelings.

Reduced emotional outbursts.

Better social skills and enhanced relationships.

Increased tolerance to change.

Improved responses to parental and teacher instructions.

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training is used to improve:

It is Painful to watch your Child Struggle

ASD can be very challenging and emotional for the family. Some of the effects associated with ASD can include:

Struggling to focus and concentrate

Hypersensitive to certain sights & sounds

Behavior disorders & emotional outbursts

Difficulties with social communication

As a parent, all you want is to see your child succeed

A child that has autism can be an emotional roller coaster. You get your hopes up trusting a solution will help your family, only to be disappointed by the results when the problem persists. This creates added stress as well as a financial burden while you are the one fighting for your child.

Thankfully natural, corrective solutions do exist.

What truly causes Autism?

Function of Brainwaves

Our brain produces brainwaves that communicate with one another at rapid speeds. These brainwaves control our emotions, attitudes, and actions. However, if the timing of this communication is off even slightly, the ability to learn and function can be impaired.

How does this effect ADHD?

A common find in individuals with ASD is patterns of irregular brainwaves. This creates abnormalities in attention, memory processes, drowsiness, and movement control because our brainwaves cannot make the proper connections. When this occurs we can experience mood swings, difficulty in learning, and the inability to focus.

The cause of autism is not one dimensional. Studies indicate a common find in individuals with ASD have connectivity irregulation in some areas of the brain.

A Natural Approach with Results

There are simple exercises you can do to train the brain to produce the proper brainwaves. This allows the brain to make the connections it needs to, using less effort and energy. When this happens, you are able to gain greater control of your emotions, your self-control increases, and you are able to improve focus helping you become more productive. Neurofeedback is the solution that accomplishes this. It is a form of passive, training exercises for the brain that is fun and effective for all ages.

You can Train the Brain to Operate More Effectively

You can train the brain to transform abnormal brainwaves into a healthy, organized pattern. When this happens the brain naturally becomes more stable, operating efficiently and optimally. Neurofeedback takes advantage of the same learning process that occurs whenever we acquire a new skill. Quite simply, Neurofeedback is a passive training method to teach the brain to function in a more balanced and healthy way by providing the perfect learning conditions. Because neurofeedback is a series of exercises to train your brain it does not require pills or a medical procedure, which parents love!

What makes SYMMETRY different?

Fun for all ages.

Does not require a medical procedure.

No side effects.

Long lasting results.

Trains the brain to make healthier patterns on its own, without the pills.

"We were just about to put our child on medication for ADHD when we came across SYMMETRY and decided to give it a try. Now, our child is functioning without any issues and without any medication. The results of this therapy far exceeded my expectations."

-Jeff W.

Pediatricians are referring Neurofeedback

In selecting solutions for your family, doing your research is very important. Below is a list of research articles used by many pediatricians when referring neurofeedback.

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Neurofeedback training through various exercises such as games and videos.

Progress tracking.

Coaching and consultations.

Biofeedback training to improve breathing, awareness, and heart rate.

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