A Mom's Triumph Over Trauma: How Neurofeedback
Gave One Family Hope

Dianne Kosto, CEO of SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training, joined Dennis DiNoia on the A+ Parents Podcast to share her story of how her son overcame brainwave dysregulation through neurofeedback. DiNoia, an educator with over 30 years of experience, hosts the popular podcast to provide parents and teachers with the tools they need to help children become independent learners.



Enter Neurofeedback

Kosto’s life changed 13 years ago when she was introduced to Neurofeedback technology. Her son’s impulsive behavior was severely impacting his life creating havoc in their home, being kicked out of multiple schools, and being perceived as a boy with a bad attitude. There didn’t seem to be an environment where he could thrive. When he was at a therapeutic boarding school, Dianne got the call to come and get him. It was then that she was introduced to Neurofeedback; a non-invasive brain training method that uses real-time displays of brain activity to teach the brain how to better regulate. This gave Kosto’s son his life back, and now she’s on a mission to make this technology more widely available to other families through her company, SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training

Podcast Episode Information

On the podcast, Dianne shared her family’s journey in depth. She discussed how Neurofeedback is a non-invasive approach that uses real-time monitoring to teach self-regulation to the brain. Sensors are placed on the head to detect brain wave activity, and the brain is rewarded when it produces the desired wave frequency. Over multiple sessions, new neural pathways are formed and strengthened. The benefits of Neurofeedback include improved focus and concentration, better emotional control, reduced anxiety and depression, improved sleep, and more.

Neurofeedback - A Journey worth it!

Kosto stressed that this technology should not be viewed as a quick fix but rather a journey. It requires an investment of time and commitment to experience life-changing results. However, for families dealing with issues like the symptoms of  ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, PTSD, and other challenges, Neurofeedback offers hope. Kosto provides Neurofeedback services for individuals and families as well as systems and training for those who want to provide these services for their clients.

Through this inspiring episode, DiNoia and Kosto demonstrated how children can overcome significant struggles with the right support and resources. The A+ Parents Podcast shares stories of triumph over adversity to give families the tools and motivation they need to help their children thrive. With compassion and perseverance, seemingly insurmountable challenges can be overcome.

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