Are you tired of watching your child struggle in school?

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training aims to help children and teens who struggle in academics, social interactions, and those that show poor behaviors in school and home. Below is a list of issues we can help your child with.


How it Works

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive alternative to medication. It is painless, drugless, free of harmful side effects and produces noticeable improvements that can enhance the effect of other traditional therapies.

What to Expect from Neuro-PT

qEEG Brain Mapping

Trainees complete intake assessments and a qEEG Brain Map to create a customized plan.

Brainwave Training

While watching a movie, the software indicates when a desirable pattern is produced allowing the brain to subconsciously learn how to self-regulate.

Succeed and Grow

Over time, the brain learns how to produce these healthier brainwave patterns on its own. Negative symptoms decrease, mood improves and trainees experience long-term positive changes.

What Parents are Saying

mother smiling and hugging her son

My son is 15 was diagnosed with ADHD with a significant learning delay...Since my son started [Neuro-PT] we have seen many changes. He is now able to focus and work the problem through with more clarity. I see little things every day. Just being able to sit with him and actually discuss something in depth was not able to happen. Now it does. I see a much brighter future for him and I can’t say enough about how [Neuro-PT] has helped us as a family.

adhd boy

Neuro-PT has allowed my son to improve on different areas and allowed him to go ADHD med free.​

Ready for your child to thrive?

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SYMMETRY Neuro-PT is brain training. Available in office or at home. Complete form to schedule a free consultation to review which option would work best for your child.

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