Are you tired of watching your child struggle in school?

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training aims to help children and teens who struggle in academics, social interactions, and those that show poor behaviors in school and home. Below is a list of issues we can help your child with.


What Parents are Saying

mother smiling and hugging her son

My son is 15 with a diagnosis of ADHD with a significant learning delay...Since my son started [Neuro-PT] we have seen many changes. He is now able to focus and work the problem through with more clarity. I see little things every day. Just being able to sit with him and actually discuss something in depth was not able to happen. Now it does. I see a much brighter future for him and I can’t say enough about how [Neuro-PT] has helped us as a family.

adhd boy

Neuro-PT has allowed my son to improve on different areas and allowed him to go ADHD med free.​

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