Train your Brain @Home

SYMMETRY @Home Training is a cost effective, and convenient way to train your brain with a user friendly and easy-to-use at-home system. As an individual, family or professional who requires a flexible schedule, our @Home system could be the solution for you.





Brain Training

The advantages of training at home include training in your own space, schedule of your choice, no additional travel to appointments, and the potential to maximize use of the system. If you have multiple family members who would benefit, this is the program for you!

How to Start: Qualifications for an @Home system start with a free 30-minute consultation. Call today to see if you qualify at (844) 272-4666. We will review your needs and our requirements. Upon approval, your Intake will be set up and your @Home system will be issued when available. You will be assigned a dedicated Trainer to stay in touch with you, and clinical reviews of your sessions will be done regularly by our experienced SYMMETRY clinical team.

Ready to Begin?

Contact us at (844) 272-4666 to see if you or your family qualifies for an @Home System.

@Home Training

Are you a Clinician looking to add home-based, remote Neurofeedback to your practice?