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Nov. 29th – Dec. 4th, 2022

Hilton Head Island, SC

Limited to 12 Attendees


Through Modern Neurofeedback Technology and Ancient Healing

Regain Innate Gifts
Release Old Wounds
Better Regulate the Brain

What to Expect from the Intensive Experience

Luxurious Accommodations

Private Beach Access on Hilton Head, SC

Breakfast & Lunch Included

Brain Mapping

Set goals with qEEG Brain Mapping and Bio-Psycho-Social assessments

Guided Neurofeedback

Experience 40 Sessions of Neurofeedback with Industry Expert Dianne Kosto, SCN

Break Through Trauma

36 hours of Guided Indigenous Energy Healing with Angie Shockley, MA, CLC, CSP

The Pathways in Your Brain are Preventing You from Thriving.

When people have dysregulated brain waves they struggle with physical and emotional pain, life is hard and relationships are damaged. 

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Feeling Stuck
  • Reliant on medication
  • Brain Fog

Jumpstart your transformational journey through the unique combination of modern technology and ancient healing methods.


What is Neurofeedback?

Founded in university research labs in the 1960s, neurofeedback has been proven to be an effective approach for a number of issues that are connected to the brain. 

Neurofeedback trains the brain to better regulate. With this approach, issues that were previously only managed by medication can now be physically changed so you can thrive.

Find Calm in the Chaos: Meditation & Breath Work Practices

This gorgeous, private house on the southern tip of Hilton Head Island offers an incredible variety of views. Beautiful sunrises to the east, open ocean views straight ahead, and magnificent sunsets to the west.

This 5,700 sqft. home has 9 bedrooms, 7 baths and direct access to the beach. Ample space for reflection and introspection to learn how to utilize meditation and breathing to focus intention, develop better self-awareness, and implement effective self-management techniques to get more from each day.

What is Ancient Healing?

Ancient Shamanic Healing is an effective modality for achieving balance in the energy field, while also releasing ideas, beliefs, experiences, and habits that are no longer serving the individual. Traumatic events can be transformed on the energetic level with very little discussion or processing in the analytic brain.

When we have traumatic events in our lives, the impact of those events is stored in the energetic field. Shamanic healing provides an avenue for releasing and clearing the event from the field so the person can truly heal.  If you have tried other modalities of treatment to address traumatic events but are still struggling, this ancient healing modality will be transformational for you.

“Since my first energetic session with Angie, I have been able to break the chains free, chains set by life as well as myself. I have learned more about myself and learned to walk in this world as I am meant to. I have had a great deal of personal growth, I have an easier time at work, and I have an easier time when stressful situations arise. My anxiety is managed, and my life is significantly improved. I am home.” 

– Nikki H. 

What to Expect Daily

Each day in 2-hour alternating time blocks you will experience neurofeedback and ancient healing for a total of 8 hours each day. This is an intensive experience designed to break through old patterns. 

You can expect to have a churning of emotions as you accelerate awakening your soul. 

In order to participate, you must review and sign a waiver. You will receive the fillable waiver when registration is complete. 

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