How it Works at SYMMETRY Centers

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SYMMETRY Centers uses an advanced neurofeedback technology (SYMMETRY Neuro-PT) to create personalized training programs to strengthen and guide brainwave patterns. The goal is to help the brain better regulate, thus often alleviating unwanted symptoms and behaviors.

At one of our many locations, clients are able to visit us in a relaxed and friendly location for sessions. Clients can expect to attend approximately 40 to 50 sessions of SYMMETRY Neuro-PT brain training. These sessions train the neuro pathways in the brain to reignite and reconfigure dysregulated pathways through positive reinforcement techniques. This teaches the brain to self-regulate and those negative symptoms one had experienced will improve now that the brain has balanced. 

Reignite Pathways

Lasting Results

Positive Changes

Latest Technology

Neurofeedback, also known as EEG Biofeedback, is a non-invasive alternative to medication. It is painless, drugless, free of harmful side effects and produces noticeable improvements that can enhance the effect of other traditional therapies.

SYMMETRY Centers is for an individual, parent or family that prefers one-on-one attention with a certified trainer.

When people have dysregulated brains they suffer physical and emotional pain, life is hard and relationships are damaged.  At SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training, we empower people by providing neurofeedback services that help the brain regulate, because everyone deserves healthier relationships and a better life.

SYMMETRY Neuro-PT uses advanced neurofeedback technology to create personalized training programs to strengthen and guide your brainwaves. The goal is to help the brain better regulate, thus often alleviating unwanted symptoms and behaviors. 

Our certified trainers are ready to provide the best service. With in-depth knowledge and training, we have chosen the best to take care of you or a loved one.

How to Start at SYMMETRY Centers

SYMMETRY Neuro-PT is for everyone. Learn more by scheduling a free consultation.