Parents FAQ

We are happy to help you learn more about SYMMETRY @Home Training systems.

Below you will find our most frequently asked questions.

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Parents FAQ

How much will it cost?
Just $444.44/mo* estimate.
Will you review the qEEG brainmap with me?
Sure if you request such we can arrange for our Clinical Advisory Staff to provide you with that information.
Why should I have my child participate in Neuro-PT?
How could you pass it up? Finally, a way to really truly change their brain! Non-invasive, drug-less, scientifically proven, state of the art technology driven way to help the brain better regulate itself by creating new neural pathways! There is a new hope with Neuro-PT for your child and family!
How many sessions will my child need?
Most often at least 40 sessions
Will the changes last?
Yes, the science shows after 20 sessions new neural pathways are created in the gray and white matter of the brain.