Dianne Kosto on Child Life On Call Podcast with Katie Taylor

Dianne Kosto, the founder, and CEO of Symmetry Neuro-PT had the honor of being a guest on the Child Life On Call Podcast, hosted by Katie Taylor. An engaging host, Katie Taylor has been shedding light on the narratives of parents navigating complex health care situations with their children. The podcast is a vocal platform that provides solace to parents and spreads awareness around important issues that revolve around healthcare and the wellbeing of children. On episode 180, Dianne Kosto talked about her transformative experience with Neurofeedback and how it changed her life as a mother and saved her son’s life.


Child Life on Call

Dianne Kosto’s Revolutionary Journey

Dianne always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but she never planned on creating a business around Neurofeedback; her son’s severe impulsive behavior altered the course of her life.

Dianne went through every educational program, therapeutic approach and book she could find in her efforts to help her son. Although she tried many different methods to address her son’s problematic behavior, it wasn’t until she found Neurofeedback that she finally saw results.

This unexpected journey with Neurofeedback not only offered her son the ability to thrive but inspired Dianne to extend a helping hand to other families encountering similar struggles.

Child Life On Call Podcast: A Sanctuary for Parents

Katie Taylor’s podcast, Child Life On Call, is a safe haven for parents who find themselves in a whirlpool of intricate healthcare situations with their children. The podcast embarks on unique narratives, life experiences from parents, and expert advice from healthcare professionals. This platform stands as an empowering tool for parents, enabling them to advocate with confidence during their child’s healthcare encounters.

Rediscovering Lives with Neurofeedback

Dianne’s encounter with neurofeedback came about when she was introduced to the founder of a neurofeedback company. Because nothing else she tried worked, she was excited to give this approach a try. Neurofeedback is non-invasive and drug free. It is technology driven learning that teaches the brain to better regulate allowing an individual to function optimally. When the brainwaves are operating in a healthier pattern, symptoms such as impulsivity, concentration, and mood regulation improve.

For Dianne, neurofeedback proved to be a breakthrough that opened up new possibilities for her son.

It gave him a “pause button” that allowed him to think before he acted, a trait that had been missing since his birth. This method brought astonishing changes into the Kostos’ lives, changing her son’s life for the better and inspiring Dianne on a new professional path: founding her own Neurofeedback Company.

Kindling New Hope with Symmetry Neuro-PT

Symmetry Neuro-Pathway Training, founded by Dianne Kosto, provides Neurofeedback services and systems that help children and adults alike struggling from an array of diagnosed symptoms including poor focus, anxiety, mood regulation and sleeplessness. Their goal is to help individuals achieve healthier brainwave patterns, ultimately leading to improved overall health, mood, and wellbeing.

Your Journey Is Just a Click Away

Interested in learning more about neurofeedback? Reach out to Symmetry Neuro-PT for some personal insight. Listen to the full episode of Dianne’s personal journey on Child Life On Call Podcast.

Do not forget to connect with Katie and Dianne on their respective online platforms; they would love to hear from you.

In Conclusion

By sharing these experiences both Dianne and Katie are helping others navigate this complicated path, spreading knowledge, and shedding light on unspoken narratives. Together, they’re proving that when it comes to caring for your child and facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, sometimes the best thing you can do is to listen, learn, and above all – never lose hope.

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Dianne Kosto is a Mom on a Mission and CEO and founder of Symmetry Neuro-Pathway Training.

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