Get Your Good Vibes Going with Whole Body Vibration Therapy


Are you ready to literally ‘shake up’ your wellness routine? If you’re seeking an experience that vibrates with energy and leaves you buzzing with exhilaration, step onto a vibration plate and into the world of Whole Body Vibration Therapy (WBVT). 

Whether the goal is to boost your fitness, find pain relief, or enhance your cognitive functions, WBVT can add an exciting buzz to your health journey.


Understanding Whole Body Vibration Therapy

WBVT is like a dance party for your muscles. Imagine exercising, but instead of pounding on the treadmill, you’re standing or performing exercises on a platform that vibrates at various intensities. 

This vibration plate exercise, as explained on, uses a dynamic motion that moves our body up and down quickly. This movement, measured in G-force, varies rapidly during each vibration cycle, creating a dynamic push on our body.

One key benefit of this G-force is that it provides strong mechanical stimulation without over-stressing muscles and bones, making this approach both effective and efficient.

WBVT’s effectiveness lies in its ability to induce rapid muscle contractions. These contractions, a natural response to muscle stretching, happen involuntarily and at a fast pace on the vibration plate, unlike slower, voluntary contractions during regular physical activities. This rapid pace, determined by the vibration plate’s frequency (e.g., 30 times per second at 30Hz), is a unique aspect of this modality. 

Vibration Therapy

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Whole Body Vibration Therapy for Fitness Goals:

Looking to amp up your fitness game? WBVT is your ticket to a fun and effective workout regime. It’s not just about standing on a vibrating surface; it’s an active process that challenges your muscles in a new, dynamic way. Studies, such as those from NCBI, show that WBVT can significantly contribute to weight loss, muscle strength, and overall physical fitness – it’s a full-body tune-up, with a different vibe!

Pain Relief

If you’re exploring new ways to help manage pain, WBVT might just be a great, non-invasive addition to your routine. The gentle yet effective vibrations can soothe sore muscles and joints, making it a popular choice for those with chronic pain or recovering from injuries. It’s like giving your body a rhythmic massage from the inside out, syncing pain relief with gentle movements.

Mental Health

WBVT isn’t just about physical wellness; it’s also a fantastic way to support your mental well-being. The vibe plate can be a great stress-buster, providing relaxation and improving mood. It’s like hitting a ‘refresh’ button on your mental state, allowing you to unwind and rejuvenate mentally.

Cognitive Benefits

Let’s talk about brainpower. Fascinating research, including a study from the University of Groningen (University of Groningen Research), highlights how WBVT might positively impact cognitive functions. From enhancing memory to improving focus, WBVT could be a key player in your cognitive health regime. It’s not just a workout for the body but also a stimulating experience for the mind.

Vibration Therapy for Athletes and Seniors:

WBVT is an all-star for athletes looking to enhance performance and for seniors focused on maintaining mobility and independence. For athletes, it’s about improving balance, flexibility, and strength in a way that complements their rigorous training. Seniors can benefit from the gentle nature of WBVT, which helps maintain balance and strength, essential for an active lifestyle.

  • Astronauts in space use a form of vibration therapy to help maintain bone density and muscle mass in zero gravity – a workout that’s literally out of this world!
  • Vibration therapy has historical roots dating back to Ancient Greece, where it was used as a medical treatment – talk about a therapy with a rich history!
  • A session of WBVT can be as short as 15 minutes, making it perfect for those with a busy lifestyle who want a quick, effective workout.
  • Did you know that WBVT can even improve your golf game? It’s true! Golfers have used WBVT to enhance their swing and overall performance on the green.

Eager to hop on this wellness wave? Safety first – consult with your healthcare provider before you jump on the bandwagon, especially if you have specific health concerns. Once your healthcare provider gives you the thumbs up, do your research and find the vibration plate that suits your fitness level and health goals.

We like Vibration Therapeutics VT027. 

Begin with short, fun sessions, gradually increasing the duration and intensity as your body adapts.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy is not just shaking up the fitness world; it’s revolutionizing it with a blend of fun, efficiency, and health benefits.

 From enhancing physical fitness and providing pain relief to boosting mental health and cognitive abilities, WBVT is a multi-faceted approach ready to energize and rejuvenate your health regime.

So why not step onto the vibration plate and feel the difference yourself?

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