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Individuals FAQ

What is Neurofeedback?
Neurofeedback is basically a learning modality using technology. By measuring the brain wave activity and giving the brain information on what it's doing we can actually teach the brain to change those brainwave patterns. Just like operant conditioning when you give the brain positive reinforcement such as a brighter screen when you're watching a movie The Brain will figure out what it has to do to see that movie in a better resolution and produce the pattern you're encouraging.
How does Neurofeedback work?
Neurofeedback works by teaching the brain repeatedly to produce a particular pattern that's more healthy and just like it anytime you've learned something with repetition a new neural Pathway is created. in the brain.think about when you learn to ride a bike you fell off or wobbled maybe 20 times until the skill was ingrained in your brain. you remember how to ride a bike even if you haven't gotten on one for 10 years! same concept, you repeat certain exercises and patterns in the brain to create a new pathways it's called neuroplasticity.
What can Neurofeedback do for me?
The goal of all neurofeedback is to help the brain better regulate itself. when the brain is able to shift as it needs to and regulate itself better A lot of things can fall by the wayside., and one can feel & function better. Clients often report sleeping better and feeling more rested when they wake up, being able to become more self-aware and make better decisions in their lives, improved focus and concentration to name a few.
Will medications have to be stopped if it is already being administered?
NO, you would work closely with your doctor (every 10 sessions or so) to revisit the dosage and gradually, gently, reduce the medications as needed. neurofeedback can still have an effect with most medications in the system but as we increase the neural Pathways in the brain that does increase the neurotransmitters and therefore often a reduction in the dosage is beneficial and required. Again, you will work with the prescribing doctor on a regular basis to address the reduction in a safe and gentle process.
How do I know that it will work?
Very few people do not respond to neurofeedback in some positive way from my experience. We do a careful intake analysis and track your symptoms closely along the way to make sure you have the best chance of success rate possible. it's usually beneficial to also keep a personal diary and sometimes the changes are so subtle that they're not as noticeable along the way.
When should I expect to see results?
Neurofeedback is a gentle gradual learning modality so remember it took time to learn how to ride a bike and write with a pencil or play a musical instrument and the same is true of your brain learning view patterns some people notice changes much earlier on but we suggest being patient and that somewhere around 15-20 session mark depending on your particular case there should be something notable.
Does Insurance cover neurofeedback?
Generally speaking a lot of insurance providers are not covering neurofeedback services and qEEG maps at this time but it's always a good idea to go ahead and have your doctor sign a letter of recommendation and you could submit your symmetry invoice for potential reimbursement. the time of the filming our symmetry Centers do not have staff on hand to process insurance claims so this is something you need to do on your own doctor's letter of recommendation.
Does it hurt?
Neurofeedback is painless, non-invasive and drugless and although it's similar to going to the gym in your brain may feel tired at times it is pain free! I do like you to think of it as if you're going to the gym so be sure that you are always well hydrated with good clean water and that you've had a nutritious snack close to the time of your neurofeedback session. Your brain needs resources in order to do these exercises and to handle them well.
Will it change my personality?
Neurofeedback makes you more of who you really are without the interference of a brain that's not regulating itself well so I have had this question of fear from parents Of a very creative child wondering if theymay lose their creativity or something special about them and in fact it's often the opposite! a person when their brain regulates itself properly just becomes more of who they are and what makes them so special without all of the interference or challenges of brain wave patterns that are not proper and healthy.
Will the effects last?
The science shows that there are physical changes in the gray and white matter of the brain after 20 neurofeedback sessions therefore beyond the 20 yes we've create a new neural Pathways in the brain that do not go away. and in fact the Brain continues to use these new Pathways as a path of least resistance, so often you even see more improvements down the road from these new neural Pathways as your brain continues to get accustomed to using them. So barring any unforeseen injury or exposure to toxin in the future that would cause more damage to the brain these changes last.
Are there any adverse side effects?
Neurofeedback is not a quick fix or a magic pill it's a gentle learning process there are some people that have sensitivities and their ups and downs and mood changes along the way but in our offices were tracking your progress and always coaching your brain towards more normal brainwave patterns never against that.