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Creating an environment where your clients achieve the best outcome is at the core of everything you do. Your reputation depends on it.

Guide the brain with neurofeedback

People come to you because of life stressors. They are worried, depressed, can’t sleep or focus. These are all symptoms that correlate with brainwave dysregulation and make life hard.

Neurofeedback helps the brain learn to better regulate. When the brain is functioning better, hope and relationships are restored and life is brighter.

Building better relationships with clients and the community

Our evidence-based approach adds clear results in the therapeutic process. Results can be shown easily to clients and can be used collaboratively with traditional mental health therapies.

Key team members receive virtual and hands-on training through SYMMETRY Neuro-PT Bootcamp. No worries about overloading your clinical team! Entry-level staff can easily learn how to run neurofeedback sessions. We come to you with our on-site training program to reduce the costs of your team traveling. If needed, we can provide virtual training as well.

Incorporating neurofeedback improves program results while enriching lives.

We provide full-service contracts tailored to your program. SYMMETRY Neuro-PT has enriched many individuals, families, and professionals by guiding the brain to reach its potential in many facets of functioning and well-being.

Our method is scientifically backed by over 50 years of evidence-based research. It is non-invasive and medication-free. Adding neurofeedback as a service is easy. We guide you every step of the way, quickly and effectively.

Neurofeedback is results driven technology

Why not use it to help better regulate the brain? Our neurofeedback system is backed by more than 50 years of clinical research and 80+ years of combined clinical experience.

Consistent Positive Revenue Stream

Comprehensive Support

Gain Results Driven Reputation

80+ years combined clinical experience

Train with SYMMETRY Academy

We train professionals on how to use our system through our SYMMETRY Academy. Our program provides levels of support and training to successfully launch SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training within your business. Build revenue with a results-driven reputation.

Improve Outcomes

Neurofeedback brain training is a non-intrusive, medication-free program that can optimize student results across all modalities and therapies.

Easy to Implement

Training is simple, easy and stress-free.

Guides Therapeutic Process

qEEG Brain Mapping and Biopsychosocial Assessments provide a baseline for intake and guides the therapeutic process.

Drive Revenue and New Enrollments

Make your program standout with leading neurofeedback technology. Computer equipment, software and lease payments are all tax deductible operating expenses.

Getting started is simple.

Create the right plan

We think outside the box, because not all programs are the same. Schedule a call to discuss the best option for your private practice, facility or therapeutic program.

Start Training

Our programs include the SYMMETRY Academy that provides easy to follow module training and hands on training in our Bootcamp course.

Clients feel better faster

See results with consistent neurofeedback training. qEEG brain mapping and assessments are backed by more than 50 years of evidenced-based research.

Schedule a strategy call to discuss the best plan for your program.

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