Parently - Season 4 Episode 1
Dianne Kosto: Brain Dysregulation & Neurofeedback

Are you in search of hope and understanding when it comes to mental health? Join us as we dive into a heartfelt conversation between Dianne Kosto, founder of SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training, and Kelsey Higgins, host of the Parently Podcast. This encounter is destined to enlighten and inspire.

Through her personal struggle to find a solution for her son’s brain dysregulation, Dianne discovered the power of neurofeedback and became an influential force in the field. Committed to making neurofeedback accessible for all, her expertise has touched countless individuals and families.

In the podcast’s S4 E1 episode titled “Dianne Kosto: Brain Dysregulation and Neurofeedback,” Dianne and Kelsey Higgins, a compassionate and experienced host, come together to explore the significance of neurofeedback. Their conversation is packed with intriguing insights and a hopeful outlook for those looking to take control of their mental health journey.

Dedicated to nurturing honest discussions on parenting, Kelsey’s Parently Podcast perfectly aligns with Dianne’s mission of empowerment and healing. Both champions of mental health, they share a profound drive to alleviate the struggles faced by families and individuals.

Unlock the potential of neurofeedback by tuning into this valuable exchange between Dianne and Kelsey. Discover how the synergy of their expertise can positively impact your life. Listen to the podcast, follow Dianne and Kelsey on social media, and together, let’s create a brighter future for mental health and wellness.

About Parently Podcast

As the host of the Parently Podcast, Kelsey combines her natural curiosity with her empathetic spirit to delve deep into a variety of topics that hit close to home for many parents. She draws on her own experiences of parenting, making her a relatable voice that brings comfort to parents everywhere.

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