Limited Availability Neurofeedback Pilot Program

Start up to 5 trainees for 5 months
for $1997 per trainee.

We make it
Simple & Stress Free

Not ready for a long-term commitment? 

We make it simple and stress free to add SYMMETRY Neuro-PT to your program for 5 months for 5 enrollees (only $1,997/ea.) 

SYMMETRY Pilot 5 allows you to trial run Neuro-PT, create awareness for families, improve enrollee’s success, and generate increased revenue while gaining measurable results.

We offer an Alternative Solution

We offer a solution that provides your facility the opportunity to experience state-of-the-art neurofeedback technology. The SYMMETRY Neuro-PT team provides everything needed to get your program up and running fast.

Experience Positive Results

By using SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training (aka neurofeedback) to teach the brain to produce healthier patterns, the central nervous system is calmed and balanced. This in turn reduces incident rates, outbursts, and calms anxieties.This process also enhances the effectiveness of other traditional therapies when used together.

The Best Cloud-Based Neurofeedback Experience Ever!

What Our Professionals Say...

"I am very excited to include this opportunity to our current and incoming young adult clients. Most of our young adults are dealing with high levels of anxiety, so adding Neurofeedback to our program services allows them an additional option for calming the central nervous system and retraining the brain, creating the space and capacity to make better decisions - responding with thought, rather than reacting from emotion."
Angie Shockley
Founder and CEO of Q&A Associates

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Dianne Kosto