SYMMETRY Sage Advisors

SYMMETRY Sage Advisors provide extensive online training courses, on-site training options and a community support system to help you succeed in offering neuro-pathway training in your practice. We also offer clinical support for neurofeedback providers who may not yet have SYMMETRY systems and are currently using similar qEEG driven neurofeedback.

Dianne Kosto, Founder & CEO of SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training (Neuro-PT) launched SYMMETRY to provide Neuro-PT in facilities and therapeutic boarding schools. She has expanded the company to educate and serve other professionals, facilities, and families and provide them access to Neuro-PT training as well. 

Since 2010, Dianne has continued to educate herself through training and experience in every aspect of neurofeedback and biofeedback services including: sales and support for equipment, education for doctors and technicians, case management, and community outreach.

Dianne has hand-picked an exemplary clinical team that believes in the many benefits of neurofeedback and provides consulting services for other neurofeedback offices with SYMMETRY Sage Advisors with 60+ years of combined clinical experience and continues to obtain continuing education to stay on top of this innovative and exciting field.


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60+ years of combined clinical experience

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