SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training Divisions

SYMMETRY Neuro-PT launches the industry’s most user-friendly neurofeedback services and systems for Individuals (Centers & @Home Training), Professionals, and Facilities to gain the Results, Revenue, and Reputations you’ll be excited about. Life is too short, don’t be left behind because it seemed like an intimidating, expensive and complicated technology.

SYMMETRY Neuro-PT, founded by a Mom on a Mission, makes neurofeedback accessible and easy as we guide and support you every step of your way. Check out one of our many services offered.


Are you an individual, parent or family that prefers one-on-one attention with our certified trainers?

Brain Training

@Home Training

@Home training is a great plan for qualified individuals or families who are too far away from one of our Centers.

teacher helping student with adhd


Seeking help for your school, program or facility that would benefit from offering neurofeedback on site?

Sage Consulting

Are you seeking additional training, case consultations or education in neurofeedback?



Are you a professional looking to add more revenue to your practice while achieving higher results with clients?


How to Get It

See if you or your family qualifies for an @Home System.