Stop The Struggle

Enhance Results with Neurofeedback

✓ Improve Mood Regulation

✓ Decrease Impulsivity

✓ Increase Focus

The pathways in your family member’s brain are preventing them from thriving.


When people have dysregulated brain waves they struggle with physical and emotional pain, life is hard and relationships are damaged. This can look like:

✓ Acting out




 Reliant on medication

We are empowering people with neurofeedback services that help the brain better regulate, because everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive!


“I see a much brighter future for him and I can't say enough about how this has helped us as a family”
~ Laura C., Mansfield, MA
“SYMMETRY Neuro-PT has given my son confidence he never had.”
~ Sue, Mansfield, MA
“My child enjoys going and we are seeing improvement in her behavior.”
~ Brian, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Founded in university research labs in the 1960s, neurofeedback has been proven to be an effective approach for a number of issues that are connected to the brain. 

Neurofeedback trains the brain to better regulate. With this approach, issues that were previously only managed by medication can now be physically changed so your child can thrive. 

Neurofeedback can often alleviate negative characteristics of common concerns such as: 


  • Anxiety

  • Autism spectrum disorder

  • Behavioral disorders

  • Depression

  • Traumatic brain injury

The SYMMETRY Neuro-PT Process

A non-invasive way to teach the brain to better regulate

1. Identify patterns in the brain
2. Get Started
3. Enhance Results

Using qEEG Brain Mapping and intake assessments.

Review map report and give approval to get started

Maximize your family member’s results while they are with us

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything?

I understand. As a mother, I struggled with the same thing.

My youngest son was incredibly impulsive. He was kicked out of every school, environment and program from kindergarten to 8th grade — he appeared defiant and impulsive.

Just before he was kicked out of a therapeutic school for troubled teens, I learned about neurofeedback. After 40 sessions, my son’s impulsivity was gone. He was still a kid, but he was able to make his own decisions — He had the pause before reacting that he never had before.

He was no longer ruled by impulses.


I spent the next 10 years providing services and training doctors, technicians, professionals and schools to use neurofeedback. Currently, I speak across the country and teach continuing education on the subject. 

SYMMETRY provides the most user-friendly software and support to make this more accessible for everyone

Get Started With Neurofeedback Now:

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“With a more than 70-year history of research
and real-life applications with populations
ranging from school-aged children to veterans
to adults, neurofeedback (NFB) is proven to
be an effective standalone or adjunct
treatment for ADHD and symptoms of
anxiety.” BrainFutures- An Efficacious Treatment for Behavioral Health- 2020

Processing occurs in the grey matter of the brain. White matter provides the communication between different areas of grey matter and the rest of the body.
Neurofeedback creates physical, measurable
changes in the white and gray matter of the
brain. Read more here.

“Neurofeedback (NFB) and heart rate variability (HRV) training present promising, non-pharmaceutical intervention strategies for anxiety and depression”


When people have dysregulated brains they struggle with physical and emotional pain, life is hard and relationships are damaged. At SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training, we empower people with neurofeedback services and systems that help the brain better regulate, because everyone deserves the
opportunity to thrive!