When Will I See Neurofeedback Results?

You’ve done your research on neurofeedback and you’re excited to get started. But how long does it take to start noticing a difference?

What Does Your Brain’s Learning Process Look Like?

Think of neurofeedback as learning to ride your bike, write with a pencil or play the piano. You practice, practice, and practice some more and pretty soon you’re doing it without thinking about it. It may seem easy now, but your brain went through a learning process to accomplish the task. Neurofeedback is a learning process.

As you relax during your sessions your brain is learning how to produce more efficient and effective brain wave patterns. More efficient brainwave patterns help alleviate symptoms. Some people start to feel better and notice a difference in their symptoms by 10 to 15 sessions. The changes may be very subtle, like having a bit more energy, feeling more optimistic or maybe sleep improves. The amount of time that it takes for permanent changes to take place in the white and gray matter of the brain with neurofeedback is a minimum of 20 sessions. And what is even more awesome is that your brain will continue to learn after you complete your sessions! 

Brain Boosters

Here are some tips to help optimize your neurofeedback sessions, so that you can start noticing a difference sooner.

Maintain a diet that enhances your brain health.

  • Drink water, stay hydrated
  • Eat lean proteins
  • Minimize processed food 
  • Eat more anti-inflammatory properties like green leafy vegetables, strawberries, tart cherries, salmon 
  • Whole food with Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Oh and did we mention…stay hydrated!
sleep alarm for neurofeedback

Sleep is vital for improving your overall mental wellness

  • Setting a consistent bedtime
  • Dim the lights 3 hours before going to bed (LED lights produce more blue light than incandescent)
  • Stop using your phone for an hour before you go to sleep
  • Read a book instead of watching TV before bed
  • Download the software f.lux onto your computer to lower the blue light after the sun goes down
  • Keep your bedroom dark and cool

Exercise is key to keeping your brain healthy

  • Move your Body
  • Go for a walk (or maybe a longer walk ☺)
  • Get out in nature 
  • Make sure you’re getting some sunlight each day.

If this feels overwhelming, we understand! You don’t have to make all of the changes at one time. All of Your efforts will work in tandem with your neurofeedback sessions to help improve your mental wellness! 

nature walk for neurofeedback

Get Started With Neurofeedback

If you’re still curious about neurofeedback, schedule a free consultation right now and see which program is a good fit for you.

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