Why Should I Incorporate Neurofeedback into My Facility?

As the director of a therapeutic program or facility, you want the best outcome for your clients. You know that your students and families are being helped and you are aware there is another level of success for them. The problem is you are unsure of how to make the quantum leap from adequate to outstanding. 

Where to Start

You can start by understanding more about neurofeedback: 

  • Provides measurable outcomes
  • Enhances current therapeutic approaches
  • Reduces stress for clients and staff

Your clients and staff that are struggling have dysregulated brainwave patterns. Look at the research that addresses various forms of brainwave dysregulation. Neurofeedback helps the brain reorganize itself and better regulate. When the brain is functioning better hope and relationships are restored and life seems brighter.

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training has user-friendly software, training, and the best support processes in the industry. We want to guide you with a team that has decades of combined experience in the neurofeedback field and research that has been backed since the late 1950s.

The link below is a little background information on how neurofeedback has helped our CEO and Founder’s family.

Mom on a Mission

I Have More Questions

Are you wondering:

  1. What is neurofeedback?
  2. What is the investment? 
  3. Will my staff be trained in neurofeedback?
  4. How long does it take to implement neurofeedback?
  5. How much revenue can I expect? 
  6. What do I need to implement neurofeedback?

1. This Sounds Amazing, What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback helps people who live with dysregulated brainwaves. Dysregulation  may look like ADHD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraines, and more.

Neurofeedback uses operant conditioning through the use of positive visual and auditory reinforcement to encourage the brain to self-regulate and improve  communication within the brain and central nervous system Neurofeedback is a process of regulating brain waves to relieve unwanted and unbearable mental and physical symptoms. 

2. What Kind of Investment is Required?

We have several options ranging from a full-service contract with a per-student investment to training and/or outright equipment purchase. Of course, we would need more information on the number of students and more information on each of their budgets or funding. You will work with someone to find the best plan for you and your clients to decide whether providing neurofeedback to your clients is right for you.

3. How Will My Staff Be Trained in Neurofeedback?

You will select staff to be technicians for your clients. Once you’ve chosen which staff you want to be trained, we’ll personally provide you with training to become a certified neurofeedback coach. 

4. How Long Will it Take to Implement Neurofeedback?

If you’ve already chosen candidates to be trained, you could have your full neurofeedback system ready and fully operational within 60 days.

5. How Much Revenue Can I Expect to Take In?

Your revenue will depend on your enrollment capacity and your customized implementation agreement. On average, facilities typically generate $5,700 per month. 

6. What do I Need to Have to be Able to Implement Neurofeedback?

In order to implement neurofeedback into your facility, you will need to have space to accommodate the equipment. There needs to be an enrollment capacity of at least 20 people. 

Now What?

  1. Now that you’ve got some general questions answered, it’s time to book a free consultation call. In this call, you can let a SYMMETRY coach know all the details of your facility. 
  2. Together, you’ll come up with a personalized plan for your facility.
  3. Schedule a time to start training your staff and get excited!

Let Us Be Your Guide

We hear how hard it can be to keep up with everything that is thrown at you. Failing to keep up with current therapeutic modalities can harm your reputation and reduce enrollments.  

No worries! We will help you formulate a plan so your program will thrive.

Stop doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. There is a simple way to achieve measurable outcomes, increase enrollments, and retain your staff. We know you are eager to provide the best services for your clients and staff. They have dysregulated brainwave patterns. Neurofeedback helps the brain reorganize itself and better regulate.

You are wasting time and money by delaying your call with us. We have options that make the process easy and cost-effective.  Let SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training show you how to use our services to get a return on your investment.  

Imagine how rewarding it will be when you share how your company is providing SYMMETRY Neuro-PT and helping clients thrive. Read how neurofeedback is helping other programs: 

Get Started Today

I encourage you to go ahead and schedule a free consultation so that you start customizing your facilities plan and training your technicians to be certified neurofeedback coaches. 

Have some of your key staff take the therapist course. Our training dates are booking up fast! Hold your training date by clicking here.

When people have dysregulated brains they suffer physical and emotional pain, life is hard, and relationships are damaged.  At SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training, we empower people by providing neurofeedback services and systems that help the brain regulate because everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive.

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