Will Neurofeedback Change My Personality?

Are you having trouble enjoying the beautiful, creative part of you? What about your funny, unique personality? Being in a creative flow is an amazing feeling, and it is frustrating when it’s interrupted. When your dysregulated brain has your emotions all over the place it’s hard to feel joy from your fun personality. Imagine the satisfaction of having those creative and fun moments more often. 

Will Neurofeedback Change My Personality?

Dysregulated brain waves can interfere with your creative flow and suppress your true personality. Neurofeedback helps reduce the interference in your brain by better regulating your brainwaves. When your brain is better regulated you and your creativity have the opportunity to thrive! You can embrace more of who you are and what makes you so special. 

At SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training, we provide neurofeedback services and systems that help the brain regulate because everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive.

What is Neurofeedback?

The brain has a natural desirable pattern that it wants to meet. Sometimes the pattern becomes dysregulated. When brain waves are dysregulated people experience brain fog, a loss of focus, and are less motivated to do what they love. 

Neurofeedback uses positive reinforcement to train brain waves to operate more efficiently. 

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training provides neurofeedback services. The process is simple. It starts with a qEEG brain map to record your brain waves. SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway’s Case Management Team uses your brain map to create a unique protocol for neurofeedback sessions.  You start sessions using the protocol and Neuro-PT (aka Neurofeedback) to help teach your brain to work more efficiently. 

How do I Get Started?

It’s easy to get started. Schedule a free consultation, and we’ll walk you through how to get a brain map and then begin your neurofeedback sessions.

For more information about SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training, and the different partnership opportunities, contact Dianne Kosto, SCN, CEO & Founder – Meetme.so/DianneKosto.

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