Education on Fire: Episode 342
SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training with Dianne Kosto

In a recent episode of the podcast Education on Fire, Dianne Kosto, the passionate founder behind SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training (SYMMETRY Neuro-PT), shed light on their mission to make neurofeedback accessible and easy for all. As a rapidly growing company with team members spread across different states worldwide, SYMMETRY Neuro-PT is committed to fostering a culture of integrity, a mission-driven focus, service to others, and a pursuit of excellence.


The Trauma of Struggling Loved Ones

Families are traumatized when a loved one is struggling. Not knowing what is wrong, or how to help, leave you feeling hopeless with an ache in the pit of your stomach.

Discovering the Power of Neurofeedback

Many individuals experiencing symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness may find relief in understanding that these issues can stem from brainwave dysregulation. This is where neurofeedback comes into play as a transformative solution. Neurofeedback training enables the brain to learn how to regulate itself more effectively, resulting in restored hope and improved relationships. It illuminates a path toward a brighter and more fulfilling life. When the brain is functioning better, hope and relationships are restored. Life is brighter.

The SYMMETRY Neuro-PT Approach

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training stands at the forefront of empowering individuals by offering neurofeedback services and systems that facilitate better brain regulation. They firmly believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive and embrace their full potential. Through their expertise and dedication, SYMMETRY Neuro-PT equips individuals with the tools to embark on a journey of transformation and growth.

The podcast episode featuring Dianne Kosto on Education on Fire provides valuable insights into the groundbreaking work of SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training. With their unwavering commitment to accessibility and ease of use, they are revolutionizing the field of neurofeedback. By helping individuals better regulate their brains, SYMMETRY Neuro-PT paves the way for restored hope, strengthened relationships, and a brighter future for all. Through their remarkable efforts, they demonstrate that empowerment and transformation are within reach for every individual seeking to thrive.

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