SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training
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SYMMETRY Neuro-PT is comprised of proven methods to strengthen vital brain connections. Enrollees experience noticeable, useful and lasting transformations as a result of helping their brain better regulate itself. This often improves their ability to manage their thoughts, reactions, and relate with the outside world in harmonious and productive ways. These abilities improve significantly, with a noninvasive and drug free approach, that also enhances the effects of other therapies.


Backed by more than 50 years of scientific research and families exclaiming that they “got their lives back,” we believe SYMMETRY Neuro-PT is the best addition to your therapeutic boarding school’s curriculum, and here is some feedback from our clients to help you understand why.
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Laura C. Mansfield, MA

"My son is 15 with a diagnosis of ADHD with a significant learning delay...Since my son started [Neuro-PT] we have seen many changes. He is now able to focus and work the problem through with more clarity. I see little things every day. Just being able to sit with him and actually discuss something in depth was not able to happen. Now it does. I see a much brighter future for him and I can’t say enough about how [Neuro-PT] has helped us as a family.”

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"It [Neuro-PT] has allowed my son to improve on different areas and allowed him to go ADHD med free.”


“My child enjoys going and we are seeing improvement in her behavior.”

"I fully support Dianne Kosto, Founder of SYMMETRY and know from the many years working with her that she creates a win for all involved. I have trusted her with all aspects of our neurofeedback company, including training and support for our Doctors/Members. You will be impressed and honored to be part of her program as she does everything with excellence!"