Education Evolution Podcast: Reconnecting Pathways with Neurofeedback Training
with Dianne Kosto

After watching her son struggle with severe impulse control, to the point where it was negatively impacting her family on a daily basis, Dianne Kosto became a mom on a mission. She had tried it all: private school, home school, boarding school, and even a military academy. But her son was always sent back home because he didn’t follow the program.

Dianne, this week’s podcast guest, found another way. Neurofeedback technology.

Dianne got trained in using neurofeedback, then helped her son and others in his boarding school use it to fill in gaps in the “brain wiring” that helped the brain regulate more effectively. And what she learned in the process became a whole new mission for her.

This week, we’re talking about brain regulation and rewiring to support people with challenges that are all over the map. Dianne shares where it can be used and how it can support just about anyone, because the reality is that we all have dysregulated brains.


Dianne Kosto, Founder and CEO of SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training is a Mom on a Mission to make Neurofeedback technology available to families and individuals. She wants to help other families avoid the trauma that her family experienced as a result of her son’s brain dysregulation. For years Dianne sought an environment that would help her son thrive as he was kicked out of schools and programs repeatedly. Dianne was given advice by physicians, psychologists, therapists, counselors, education professionals, and school administrators but no one told her about Neurofeedback. When people have dysregulated brains they struggle with physical and emotional pain, life is hard and relationships are damaged. Neurofeedback helps the brain learn to better regulate, when the brain is functioning better people thrive. Dianne knows that Neurofeedback saved her son’s life and restored hope for her family.

Jump in the Conversation:

[1:27] – A mom on a mission
[1:53] – Dianne’s story of change
[3:17] – Asking, “what happened to you?”
[6:14] – Learned about a neurofeedback company
[7:28] – Spark came back to her son’s eyes
[8:57] – After 40 sessions, he had the pause that he never had before
[10:35] – What neurofeedback looks like
[13:01] – We all need this in our homes
[14:03] – When the brain isn’t well-regulated they respond to the same things
[15:05] – Became a trainer for the company, then started own company
[16:35] – Requirements for training
[18:57] – What’s needed after therapy
[21:28] – Outliers from babies to peak performers
[23:58] – Next steps for neurofeedback technology
[26:33] – Uncovering even more issues
[28:01] – Getting out of the status quo in thinking about emotional outbursts
[30:24] – Turbo Time
[31:53] – Dianne’s passion for what she does
[32:35] – How other parents can be activists
[32:37] – Dianne’s Magic Wand
[35:28] – Maureen’s Takeaways


About Education Evolution Podcast

The mission of Education Evolution is to dismantle archaic, present day high school curriculum and learning environments to integrate student-driven learning that is relevant, rewarding, and relational.

Sadly, this isn’t what’s happening today. But that doesn’t mean those of us who know better have to stick with the status quo.

About Maureen:

I am a career education innovator with 30+ years of transforming learning in schools to better serve all students. I have helped school leaders, youth advocates, and parents identify passions, resources, and strengths that allow us to create school models and micro-schools that put kids first- models that actually work!

I saw my students wrestle with the mandated state testing. I saw them battle with depression and feelings of not belonging. I was appalled at the dropout rate. As a teacher, I felt my hands were tied up in the red tape of a system that no longer met kids’ needs.
My experience as a school leader has taught me to quickly identify what did not work and focus on creating a model that supports and empowers the entire rainbow of learners.

I saw my daughters struggle to learn and thrive in a traditional high school. As a parent, I was frustrated and driven to find them what they needed. They had needs and wanted a voice in how they learned, but there was little to support them.

As limitations appeared endless, I took action—for my own kids and for my students. I knew there had to be a better way, and I took the plunge to find it, even if I had to create it myself. And I did.
Now, as an educational consultant, I help teachers and parents support their kids to thrive at school and beyond.

We’re in this together.

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