NeuroNoodle Podcast: This Mom is Changing Lives; Uncover Dianne Kosto's Incredible Mission!

NeuroNoodle Podcast shares Dianne Kosto, Founder and CEO of SYMMETRY Neuro-PT as she talks with Jay Gunkelman the man who has read over 500,000 brain scans, Dr. Mari Swingle author of iMinds and Pete Jansons on the NeuroNoodle Network Neurofeedback Podcast to talk about her mission to provide better mental health for her children via Neurofeedback and QEEG.

Dianne Kosto is a “Mom on a Mission” to empower people with neurofeedback services and systems to help the brain better regulate because everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive. 


NeuroNoodle combines Data from your EEG and Talk Therapy to improve the quality of your life. NeuroNoodle talks about Neurofeedback and Mental Health Podcast featuring Neurofeedback Legend Jay Gunkelman the man who has read well over 500,000 Brain Scans and Dr Mari Swingle the Author of iMinds. We speak to Mom’s and Dad’s as well as the Clinicians who serve them. There is something for everyone on the show and we are always open to answering your questions

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NeuroNoodle combines talk therapy with Neurofeedback Technology to alleviate your symptoms and give you a higher quality of life.

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