Whetstone Academy integrates SYMMETRY Neuro-PT to Academic Curriculum

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training is pleased to showcase Whetstone Academy (SC) which has added SYMMETRY Neuro-PT to its therapeutic academic curriculum. Whetstone Academy provides a safe and dynamic setting where young men between 5th to 9th grade develop the needed tools to have effective skills and strategies for life. Tucked away in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near the Chattooga River in South Carolina, the 57-acre campus boasts a lake for recreation and an active farm with many animals and birds.

SYMMETRY Neuro-PT (aka, neurofeedback) is an effective intervention for those struggling with ADHD, autism, addiction, anxiety, depression, brain injury, post-traumatic stress and sleep concerns. Whetstone Academy staff completed initial training with Dianne Kosto, SCN, owner and founder of SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training with continual training, coaching, and support as trainees go through the program.


whetstone academyJustin-Headshot-Mock-v1From: Justin Cantalini, MA, NCC, LPC, Director of Individual/Family Clinical Services:

The team at Whetstone Academy is thrilled to be able to integrate Symmetry Neuro-Pathway Training for our students and families. What is exciting and invaluable in this process is the ability for our clients to have a better awareness of how their brains are responding to their environment. Many of our students experience great frustration and low self-esteem when they are unable to understand some of the origins of their behavior and barriers to success. Neuropathway training can offer them this understanding as well as helping them to regulate their neuro-pathways towards greater resilience.

For some of our students who have not responded positively to traditional therapy and pharmacological interventions, this could provide an avenue to help with central nervous system regulation which may then make therapeutic approaches and classroom interventions more accessible and effective. The insight that is gained through the assessment process and qEEG can help inform our Master Treatment Planning, Individualized Learning Plans, and weekly therapeutic outcomes.

Our core belief is resounded throughout our integrated model: that systemic nervous system regulation is what leads to healing and resilience; Neuro-Pathway training parallels these ideals. We are offering this adjunctive service to our families with two different fee and session schedules to fit differing needs based on recommendations from our clinical team.

To learn more about Whetstone Academy, contact (864) 638-6005 for program information.

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