Athletes use Neurofeedback to Increase Performance

Whether you are an athlete looking for a competitive edge or a fitness fanatic, you know the importance of maximizing your health. You spend hours in the gym training your body, but how many hours do you spend training your brain?

Let’s face it, performing at your peak comes with high demands. When you are in a prolonged state of stress due to the high demands of performing at an optimal level, your brain function is impacted. These physical, mental, and emotional impacts often steal your ability to succeed. The longer the impact, the greater the imbalance, which leads to decreased function and performance. This may cause result in:

  • Fitness plateau 
  • Muscle fatigue 
  • Lack of focus 
  • Forgetting key tasks
  • Mind racing a mile a minute
  • Concussions and brain trauma
How do irregular brain wave patterns affect athletic performance?

Our brains produce brain waves that control our behaviors and emotions. Due to our environment and the ongoing stressors impacting the body every second of every day, the body can become overloaded and our brainwaves can become abnormal. The longer the impact, the greater the imbalance, which leads to decreased function and performance.

Our brain produces brainwaves that communicate with one another at rapid speeds. However, if the timing of this communication is off even slightly, the ability to function at a maximum level can be impaired.

This creates abnormalities in attention, movement control and the ability to heal because our brainwaves cannot make the proper connections.

Peak Performance
How can SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training help Peak Performance?

SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training provides simple exercises to allow the brain to make the connections it needs to, using less effort and energy. When this happens, you are able to gain greater control of your performance, concentrate with laser focus, and provide your brain with the rest it needs to produce at a maximum level. 

When your brain operates at an optimal level, it will positively impact the function of the rest of your body.

At SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway Training, we provide neurofeedback services and systems that help the brain better regulate, because everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive. 

How does Neurofeedback work?

Neurofeedback is a series of training exercises that takes advantage of the same learning process that occurs whenever we acquire a new skill. Quite simply, Neurofeedback is a passive training method to teach the brain to function in a more balanced and healthy way by providing the perfect learning conditions. 

What does a Neurofeedback session look like?

Each session will include Neurofeedback training through various exercises, Biofeedback training to sync breathing with heart rate and increase oxygen flow throughout the body, coaching and consultations, and progress tracking. 

What are the results of Neurofeedback?

Improvements from neurofeedback that have been clinically observed include:

  • Increase performance in “The Zone”
  • Maintain mental focus when fatigued
  • Enhance skills and performance
  • Execute faster and better
  • Bettering accuracy
  • Greater relaxation to improve muscle healing
  • Improve physical fitness and strength
  • Ability to focus through physical pain
  • Mastering new tasks and material more quickly
  • Reducing discipline problems
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Who uses Neurofeedback?

A number of professional athletes and Olympians are using neurofeedback to increase their performance on the field. Some of the athletes and organizations using neurofeedback are:

  • Kirk Cousins (NFL)
  • Kerri Walsh-Jennings ( Olympic beach volleyball champion) 
  • Italian World Cup Soccer Team (won the World Cup in 2006)
  • Canadian Olympic Ski Team in 2009 (won most gold medals of any country in 2010 Winter Olympics)
  • Football players from the University of Notre Dame
  • St Thomas Aquinas High School (Florida state Champions and national champions for five years)
  • Athletes who played for the Boston Red Sox and the Dallas Mavericks
  • Plus many more….

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