How Neurofeedback Could Help Students and Adults Go Virtual During the Pandemic

This pandemic is a time of uncertainty for all of us. Many of our lives and our children that are students might look a lot different than they did before. Maybe you’re working virtually, while your children are still trying to complete virtual school. No matter what, there are a lot of new adjustments that come with this pandemic.

It’s no secret that COVID-19 is causing many people to feel anxious. How long will this last? When are my kids going to see their friends in a normal way? Is it going to get easier for them to learn online? Many researchers are saying that 3 out of 10 parents report that their kids are struggling with a mental illness. (1)

Many homes are struggling so much financially that they are worried if they can feed their family. A lot of teachers understand what is going on in a certain student’s home life, but they cannot necessarily treat them any differently than their other students. Many schools are working on setting expectations for the coming year and focusing more on mental health. Researchers are finding out that students do better when they’re taught how to manage their emotions properly. (1)

Students in Pandemic

Life of a Virtual Student

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While more students are still completely virtual for school, their lifestyles are more and more inactive. (2) They’re turning to their phones and video games to be social and to waste their time away.

Students are supposed to have a lot of self-control during online school. Usually, parts of a child’s brain, like self-control, haven’t fully developed yet. For a lot of kids, school is the only place to see their friends and be social. Now, they’re forced to connect through their phones. (4)

How SYMMETRY Neuro-PT can help your student


  • Improve sleep and behavior
  • Easy to use training that helps to regulate the brain so it is easier to learn
  • Increase focus and concentration

Why Can't I Sleep?

More people, especially women, are reporting having disturbing dreams. It has been studied before that dreams can involve worries that may have sprung up from issues during the day. 

As the pandemic continues, these anxiety-filled dreams are increasing. Researchers believe it is affecting women more often due to their caregiving tendencies within the house as they try to keep up with life in the pandemic. (3) Click here to read more about insomnia and neurofeedback.

While you may have already been searching for some methods to relieve your or your kid’s anxiety, neurofeedback is our method to relieve these symptoms. SYMMETRY Neuro-Pathway training provides a set amount of sessions where your brain goes through auditory and visual training. Through the use of a term called operant conditioning, the brain waves in your brain will be trained to function in a way that relieves anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD symptoms.

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What's Next?

SYMMETRY offers personal sessions, as well as training for places like schools to implement the material for your students. The process is painless, non-invasive, and free of harmful side effects and produces noticeable improvements that can enhance the effect of other traditional therapies. Click here to learn more about Neuro-PT

How do we create a customized plan for you or your children? Check out how a Brain Map works!   

If you aren’t close to one of our locations and need neurofeedback in the comfort of your home for you or your kids, then check out how to get started with @Home Training.

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